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Our Goal is to Connect People, the Community, and Organizations in a Coordinated and Unified Response to Life.


Arizona Life Coalition (ALC) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, 501 (c) 3 organization that fosters cooperation and partnerships to expand and strengthen the pro-life movement across the state.  Everything we do aims to align and connect different types of pro-life groups, diverse people, and various faith traditions. By creating opportunities to work together on the common mission of defending innocent life, ALC is helping to change our culture and inspire pro-life choices. 

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We Inform, Connect and Support the Pro-Life Community in Arizona.
Find your place and help us support life affirming services and programs statewide. 

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We Support Life Affirming Services in Arizona


Arizona Life Coalition (ALC) is dedicated to helping women, babies, and families in need through a variety of collaborative programs including CarePortal for Life, our sponsorship of “Choose-life” license plates, and supporting resource referral projects such as Help4her with useful articles such as "Am I Pregnant?" We also are the organizing Host of the state’s largest pro-life event, Arizona March for Life.


ALC is committed to expanding the state’s pro-life movement, recruiting and motivating new volunteers, educating the community, and bringing new donors to the cause. Through these programs and other innovative fundraising methods, we provide direct financial support to life-affirming organizations such as Pregnancy Help Centers and Adoption and Foster Care agencies.

Find Your Place In Arizona’s Pro-Life Community 


Our programs are created to recruit and activate new people to the pro-life movement. We also encourage and inform pro-life advocates so they can find new ways to serve, volunteer or donate. We educate the community on life issues and needs. By informing and activating others ALC is building a stronger pro-life culture in our state. 

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