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Choose Life Plates FAQ


What if I don’t renew my plates on-line? If you typically renew by mail or by visiting the closest MVD office, you can just go to your local MVD office and order your plates there! Ask for and fill out a Special Plate Application form and they can order Choose Life Special Plates over the counter. The plates are not stocked at MVD offices. Instead, the plate is entered into the system by the Customer Service Representative and is mailed from the Special Plate Office the next day.

How much does the Choose Life license plate cost? $25.00 fee (payable to the Motor Vehicle Division) and $25 per year in future renewal years. $17 is donated to the ALC for providing life-affirming hope and resources to the women, men and children of Arizona through truthful and loving education, services, and public policy. The MVD retains $8 for license plate administration. There also may be a nominal charge for mailing expenses.

Can I personalize my Choose Life license plate? No, you are not able to personalize your Choose Life license plate. The license plate numbers will be assigned randomly.

Can the Choose Life license plate be marked with a disability symbol? Yes. If you are eligible for the disability symbol, it can be added to the Choose Life plate without an additional fee.

What if my license plate registration has not expired? MVD will send you your Choose Life license plate with your current registration dates on the plate. MVD is not able to prorate your fee for the months that you have remaining on your registration, so you will pay a $25 special plate fee again at your renewal date. If you have more than 14 months remaining on your registration, the initial fee will be $50 plus $2.00 postage and handling.

How will I renew my Choose Life license plate? MVD will automatically include your Choose Life plate on the renewal you receive in the mail. Be sure to indicate that you want to renew the Choose Life license plate with a $25 annual renewal fee in addition to your regular registration fees. If you choose to renew for two years, the fee will be $50. Each year that you renew your Choose Life license plate, ALC will continue to receive your $17 donation.

Can I purchase more than one Choose Life license plate? Yes, you may purchase a Choose Life plate for all cars registered in your name. Choose Life plates are not available for certain vehicles such as trailers, travel trailers, commercial vehicles, Polaris, and motorcycles.

Can I transfer my plate to my next car? Yes.

Who do I make my check payable to? Make your check payable to Motor Vehicle Division. Or pay online by credit card through

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