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Everyday, thousands of women seek abortions because they feel isolated and have no support. If women don’t have what they need during their pregnancy or in parenting, fear becomes a catalyst, and life affirming choices become almost impossible to see.

CarePortal for Life empowers Arizona's pro-life community to help us fill the gaps in services and resources to moms facing challenging pregnancies, and families with children in difficult circumstances


Connected Pro-Life Community 


Arizona Life Coalition has created a network of people and organizations comprised of churches, local businesses and other community leaders to directly respond to these needs.

Our technology partner, CarePortal, provides a platform that enables pregnancy help centers and child welfare agencies in Arizona to enter approved case needs into the system.

Pro-Life Active Support


CarePortal provides an easy way to become aware of crisis situations in your area, and provide direct outreach assistance. The CarePortal for Life Network holds enormous untapped potential to save or serve thousands of vulnerable babies (born and unborn), children, moms, and families.

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