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Pro-Life Ads and Billboards

Supporting mothers and protecting unborn babies
ALC's Positive messaging emphasizes the priceless value of innocent human life and inspires pro-life-choices.


‘Choose Life’ License Plate

Purchase your ‘Choose Life’ license plate to promote a pro-life culture in Arizona and provide funding so women and men can get positive, life-affirming solutions in difficult circumstances.

  1. Go to Service Arizona

  2. Select Choose Life and then complete the process.

  3. Your new Choose Life plates will be mailed to you.

  4. Renew your Choose Life plate at your next annual vehicle registration renewal.

  5. If you typically renew by mail or by visiting the closest MVD office, please go to your local MVD office and order your plates there!

Proceeds from the Choose Life license plates support compassionate services to those in need, engage pro-life Arizona to build a culture of life, and advocate for the rights of women, men, and their pre-born children.

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License Plate
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