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Inspiring Pro-Life Choices
through Education, Unifying
Collaboration and Supportive Programs.

Arizona Life Coalition is for everyone who believes that all innocent human Life is sacred and must be defended, from conception until a natural ending.
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CarePortal for Life

CarePortal for Life is a statewide network of connected churches and local partners that provide care giving support to women and families who need help. Our network is powered by an online system which enables church ministries to fill gaps in community services. CarePortal for Life is a lifeline for mothers and families, connecting those in need to people ready to help. 


Abortion is the unequaled social justice issue today. It violates the most fundamental human right of all; the right to life. Arizona Life Coalition (ALC) is dedicated to preventing and ending abortion by providing truthful education about the humanity and priceless value of the pre-born. We provide communities with information about life-affirming resources to protect or heal people from the harmful effects of abortion.

Adoption & Foster Care

By promoting life affirming choices, supporting motherhood, fatherhood and families, lives are saved and enriched. We support agencies and programs that provide adoption and foster care services and resources to help children and families who have crisis needs. 

End of Life

Our pro-life values uphold the sanctity of all innocent human life. We oppose all cases of euthanasia and assisted suicide. ALC supports programs or services that promote the dignity of elderly, handicapped, sick or dying persons, hospice and palliative care.


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