Arizona Life Coalition promotes a pro-life culture in Arizona through public policy that protects vulnerable women and men so they can choose life for their children.

We work with local, state, and national policy advisors to ensure every innocent human life is protected under the law from the moment of conception, and that every pregnant woman knows her options and has access to the resources she needs to choose life for her child.

Did you know that Americans United For Life named Arizona the #1 pro-life state in the country?

This status is due largely in part to the following three laws providing legal protection to women and their pre-born children:

A Woman’s Right To Know (informed consent requirement):

A woman considering abortion must be given unbiased information about the health risks associated with abortion and offered alternatives prior to the procedure.

The 24-hour waiting period required between this counseling session and the abortion appointment ensures all facts and options are considered so a woman can make an informed choice regarding the life of her pre-born child.

Telemedicine ban:

Prohibits the abortion pill from being prescribed, ordered or delivered remotely and bans abortion consultations via telemedicine. This ensures a doctor is present when a woman takes the abortion pill or considers undergoing a surgical abortion.

Physician-only rule:

Bans non-doctors such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants and office staff from providing or performing an abortion.